PlanIt: Organize your memos, tasks and projects

PlanIt is a productivity app that gives you the tools to organize, stay focused and achieve what's important.

  • Memos, tasks and projects provides the basis for getting organized
  • Color-coded tags allow you to group and visualize related information together
  • Projects gives you the ability to achieve more complex goals
  • Priorities feature helps you stay focused on what's important
  • Reminders give the piece of mind to remember important things

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With memos, you can capture your thoughts and ideas on the go, or simply store information for later.


With tasks you can organize and store your to-dos, giving you the piece of mind in knowing that you won't forget anything.


Projects groups together related tasks helping you in organizing and archiving complex goals.


The priorities feature allows you to be more focused on your more important goals. You can choose to use 3 or 5 levels of priorities. You can also prioritize tasks inside projects.


Color-coded tags for memos, tasks and projects allows you to group and visualize related information together.


Reminders let you know what's important when you need it. Reminders can be set to both tasks and projects.

Notifications view

Notifications view allows you to see and handle all your notifications in a single place. You can also snooze or dismiss one or more notifications.

Completing tasks and projects

Mark completed tasks and projects so that you can focus on more. Completed items can be accessed and restored.

Archiving memos, tasks and projects

Archiving memos, tasks and projects saves them for future reference. Archived items can be restored when needed.

Set view

The 'Set view' feature gives you the ability to visualize exactly what you need. It shows tasks and projects by priorities or labels. You can set it to show active, archived or completed items.

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